How To: Do forest fairy sprite/wood nymph Halloween makeup

Do forest fairy sprite/wood nymph Halloween makeup

This makeup palette is the Forest Fairy Sprite Wood Nymph created by MissChievious. Begin with regular foundation. Get a little dark gold and golden cream eyeshadow with a knife & mix it into foundation. Take a large makeup blush type brush & put green shadow around top & sides of forehead blending it up into hairline & around the sides of face, continuing slightly onto the cheek hollows as you might do a light contouring. Take golden cream & dark gold & mix them before applying to center of forehead & blending edges well. Take a darker green shadow & apply around outer edges of first green shade already around hairline to create a darker edging. Take the darkest green or any dark green & apply it to inner part of eyes just under brows & down near crease & sides of nose in a crescent shape that fades as it travels over the eye's crease as it reaches the outer corner of the eye and is darkest near the nose and inner corner. Put a lighter shade of green on eyelids with a brush. It is great to mix a couple of light greens together if you want. With a brush apply a very light shimmery green to the area under the brows. Apply a light lime green under the lower lashes near lash line. With a pencil brush connect lime liner on lower lash line to dark green at the inner & the outer part of the eyes. Using Mehron watercolor paint in Tropical and Paradise palettes--this is not makeup but watercolor paint--choose the green colors. Gather up a good amount of the paint onto the wet paint brush that you have soaked in water and flick the paint off of the brush onto your face just where you have applied the green face makeup. This will create speckles for your nymph. Apply mascara. With a jungle green pencil do your eyebrows, your water line and also add some of this to the inner corner of your eyes. Line your lips with dark red and them fill in with a bright red lip glaze. Apply either glaze with a lip brush. Add hair decorations or vines to your hair.

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