How To: Do a double wing eyeliner inspired by anime

Do a double wing eyeliner inspired by anime

Start with a totally bare eyelid to create the base for the winged eye. It's important to go for a gel eyeliner. This allows you more precision than liquid eyeliners. Pull the skin taut at the outer eye, look down & using a flat brush, apply liner into lash line itself on top eyelid, in between root of lashes. Taking the line from the inner corner of the eye, put color in lash line all the way to outer corner of eye. Close eye; pull lid towards ear so skin is taut. Repeat base step; this time apply liner along upper lash line just above the lashes. Go over the existing line several times to build up intensity. Keep line thinner towards inside of eye; make it thicker towards outer eye, ensuring you follow eye's natural shape. If you are doing a long wing, follow angle from bottom outer corner of eye; elongate in a single sweep outwards towards top of ear to give a winged eye that suits your face shape. If you're nervous of doing this in one single sweep, extend eyeliner from point where you just stopped at outer corner. Try to avoid doing this in small strokes. For a shorter wing, extend liner from last outer corner lash towards where your eyebrow ends. This will ensure the correct wing & won't make your eye droop. The line should taper off to a fine tip so that it looks feline. A winged effect can also be created with eyeshadow. Layer eye shades, starting with a paler shade, then slowly increase intensity, adding a deeper color up to the crease of the eyelid, taking it right into corner of eye & out towards the edge of eyebrow. Concentrate on crease of eyelid & layer shadow deeply for a dramatic effect. This is a stronger look & the wing is much thicker & more striking. Complete look by taking eyeshadow underneath your bottom lashes to right from inside corner of the eye, & following sweep of the wing. Complete look with lots of mascara, after curling eyelashes.

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