How To: Do the Cheryl Cole "Fight for this Love" inspired look

Do the Cheryl Cole "Fight for this Love" inspired look

Panacea talks about creating Cheryl Cole's "Fight for this Love" look. Using L'Oreal's Glam Bronze in split combo, apply the brown shade with a large brush over the eye and out to the temple towards the hairline and around to the cheekbones. Apply a white primer on your eyelid, going a little way out past the crease of the eye and blend it out, also applying a bit of the primer under the eye. Brush a silvery-brown eyeshadow over the primer blending the color out with a blending brush until the color softens. Line below the upper lashes (upper water line) using a black cream liner and use a black pencil liner just above the upper lash line and your lower water line. Again, using the cream liner, line below the lower lashes all the way out to the corner of the eye and create a slight slanting line just below the tear duct. Apply a white pencil liner on the inner corner of the eye for highlighting. To add volume to your lashes, fake eyelashes may be used instead of mascara. Use a light brown eyebrow definer to draw out the eyebrows and pink pearlescent blush for the cheeks. Apply the blush lightly on top of the cheekbones and just below the eyes towards the nose bridge. Finish with a peachy pink lip gloss. There you have it, Cheryl Cole's music video look in a few easy steps.

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