How To: Do Braid Bun Hair Style

Do Braid Bun Hair Style

How To Do Braid Bun Hair Style Tutorial For Beginners!!!!

Check-Out this awesomely cool Braid Bun Hair Style which has been especially made for all the fashionable and Contemporary Girls. Made in few easy and simple steps, this modish hairdo will take your elegance quotient to a new level.

Step 1: Comb Your Hair and Make Them Smooth and Tangle Free.
Take a Section of Hair from Front Separate It from Rest of the Hair and Middle Partition It.

Step 2: Gather the Rest of the Hair in a Pony.
Take One Side of the Front Hair Backcomb It, Twist It and Then Wrap It Around the Band Securing with Pins.

Step 3: Repeat the Same for the Other Side Also.

Step 4: Now Make Three Braids from the Hair in the Pony and Tie Them with a Band.
Loosen Out Each Braid by Pulling a Little on Both the Sides.

Step 5: Tie All the Three Braids Together Fold Them to Make a Bun and Secure with Pins.

Step 6: Adorn the Design with Some Pearl or Stones of Our Choice for a Finished Look.

Thus, You See How This Graceful and Cool Hairstyle Is Easily Made and Punctuates Your Ultimate Fashionable Looks. Try This Now at Home.

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