How To: Do Blue Eyeshadow

Do Blue Eyeshadow

Don't be afraid of blue eyeshadow. You can rock blue shadow for a night out! Here is the latest runway look and how to get it.

Step 1: Formula Counts

If you are under 40, a shadow is fine. Over 40 and you will need a cream or gel shadow.

Step 2: Color Counts

Medium to dark blues work best. No glittery or sparkly shadows!

Step 3: Priming Counts

Use an eyeshadow primer all over and let completely dry.

Step 4: Apply the Medium or Lighter Shadow First

Use a brush and draw a thick line across upper lip. Apply a thinner line across lower lid and connect the two in a "V" at corner.

Step 5: Apply the Darker Shadow

Use a brush and go over lighter lines with a thinner line directly at the lash line and blend.

Step 6: Finish the Look

Finish with Mascara and Nude Lipstick.

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