How To: Do Beach Effect Nail Art Design

Do Beach Effect Nail Art Design

Beach Effect Nail Art Design Tutorial For Beginners!!!!! Sunset the palm trees and the birds..perfect for canvas. Well why not to try it out on nails. This perfect picture has been produce on the nails in a very simple and easy way. Just watch the tutorial to know about this !!

Step 1: Apply Base Color

To start with we will first prepare the background. Now for this I have chosen the yellow colour. So apply yellow base colour on all your nails. Let this dry.

Step 2: Put Transparent Tape

Apply transparent tape on all sides around the skin of your nails to prevent the skin from extra colour.

Step 3:

To give this the effect of sunset we will use sponge and then dabbing. Take a sponge and apply orange colour on it. Now dab this on the top of nail several times till you get the desired effect.

Step 4:

Again take a sponge and put yellow colour on it. Now dab it on the nail so that it merges with orange colour to get the desired effect.

Step 5:

Now take black colour. Now with black colour draw the base for palm tree adding some hue of orange to it. Now draw palm tree and then the birds as shown.

Step 6:

Remove the tape carefully and with cotton bud dipped in remover clean the skin around your nails.

Step 7:

Finally apply same design on all your nails and you are ready with a beautiful painting on your nails.

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this is very beautiful and easy nail art tutorial .Ilike this tutorial very much .I hope you like this tutorial

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