How To: Determine your skin tone

Determine your skin tone

In this editon of Tip Tuesday from Pursebuzz we are shown how to determine your skin tone. This tip is a pretty simple way to determine if you're a warm or a cold tone, and if you are pink-based or yellow-based. That's the first question you're asked if you go to a counter and you're trying to figure out your foundation colors or your blush colors or shadows, or what will work for you. The first test is the fabric test. You don't even have to buy this fabric. You could just go to a fabric store and just hold it up or something. What you'e going to do is look for a piece of gold fabric and a piece of silver fabric. Then you hold it up and see see which color looks best for you, and if it goes best with your skin. You want to see which one really lights up your face. If you look really good with silver, you probably have a cool skin tone. If you look really good with gold, you probably have a warm skin tone. The next tip is your veins. What color are your veins? Do they look kind of blue or do they look kind of green? If they're blue, you are pink toned and you're cool. If they're green, you are warm and you probably like the gold tones. The last tip is to kind of bend your ear back. If it looks like it's kind of yellow, you're warm. If it's kind of pink, you're cool. If you look good with both gold and silver, then you're neutral. Visit for more!

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