How To: Depot powders and creams

Depot powders and creams

This video explains how to get powder or cream make-up out of the plastic container that it comes in. You can condense your products to take up less space if you remove them from the pots and put them in palettes. The tools you need are a flat iron or other heat source, parchment paper to cover the plate of the flat iron, an X-acto knife, alcohol, cotton pads, make-up in pots, self-adhesive magnets and a palette. First use the X-acto knife to pull the plastic pot out of the container. Set the parchment paper over the plate of the flat iron and set the pot of make-up on it to melt the glue that holds it together. You can tell when it's done when the plastic is starting to melt. Use the knife to pull the metal pan out of the plastic pot. Flip it upside down and let it cool. Remove the label from the outer plastic container. When the make-up pan has cooled, remove the glue from the bottom with alcohol on a cotton pad. Stick the adhesive magnet on and adhere it to the back of the make-up pan. Put the label on the bottom of the magnet and put the pan in the palette. Next he demonstrates how to remove a cream product. Set it on the flat iron as before. Let it sit for awhile, because the cream product will be melted and you don't want it to spill. Then remove the metal pan with the knife carefully. Let it cool completely right side up before cleaning the back and attaching the magnet. The trick demonstrated on this video is very useful for make-up artists or anyone who travels with a lot of make-up, because you can condense everything into a smaller package with less weight.

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