How To: Create a Wolverine from X-Men inspired eye makeup look

Create a Wolverine from X-Men inspired eye makeup look

Bethany's back and she has a pretty amazing tutorial for us this time! Learn how to create X-Men Wolverine inspired eye makeup. This is a pretty awesome interpretation. Nothing's cooler than X-Men, so try out this Wolverine look for a costume party, next Halloween, or just a crazy night out on the town.

Products Used:
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yellow
Mehron Basic Palette (the blue and yellow colors)
NYX Pearl Pigment in Yellow Gold
Wet N Wild Black Face Paint
Bliss Fake Eyelashes "101
Sally Girl Glitter in Gold
Victoria Secret So Sexy Mascara
Craft Store Yellow Glitter
Craft Store Sequence and Sticker Rhine Stones
Scotch Tape

For the new X-Men Orgins: Wolverine movie trailer click here:

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ow my gosh i just came upon you xmen tutorials, and i think they are so very beautiful. i adore them all but your wolverine one is the best i think, i love him to much i think. you've taken something which is relatively a very masculin interest (comics) and feminized it for all us girls and for that i thank you, im very much a girly girl so i rather resent the fact that all i can buy to show that im an xman fan is t-shirts (i hate t-shirts), but i adore the xmen insanely . after coming across this i now now what make up to where to the opening of the wolverine film here in the UK on may 1st, now all i need to do is plan my outfit, one that will show of my wolverine tattoos. decisions, decisions

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