How To: Create a white orchid inspired wedding day makeup look

Create a white orchid inspired wedding day makeup look

White is the traditional American wedding gown color, so why not match your makeup with your dress? Many brides go with a natural, flatteringly neutral makeup look when walking down the aisle, but silvery white eyeshadow is a steely yet gorgeous alternative.

Watch this tutorial for an unconventional bridal makeup look inspired by white orchids. Using lots of shimmery white and lime green eyeshadow and bronzer to counteract the pallor of your eyes, you can save a few bucks (and look totally professionally done) with this bridal makeup tutorial!

Products used are:
Bylaurenluke eye primer all over eye lid area and up to brow bone
None brand white pearl eye shadow with slight green/gold sparkle all over the lid area and just past crease
ME ME ME eye shadow pistachio on the outer corners of crease blending inwards and up towards the inner part of brow
MAC eyeshadow bottle green on outer corners and lined just above outer lashline & along lower lashline
MAC cubic blush and apply to apples of cheeks sweeping towards hairline.
MAC myth lipstick all over lip area
MAC lipgloss fine china I think is disc so you could find it possibly on ebay but beware high price for rare items from sellers
Maybeline collossal mascara black

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