How To: Create Tyra's makeup look from "Ru Paul's Drag Race"

Create Tyra's makeup look from "Ru Paul's Drag Race"

In this tutorial, we learn how to create Tyra's makeup look from "Ru Paul's Drag Race". First, apply eyeliner onto the eye, going from the inner crease out to the brow bone and making a rectangle around the crease of the eye. Next, make this line darker and smudge out the edges of it. Now, get gold sparkly eyeshadow and brush it onto the eyelid underneath the crease where the black liner is placed. After this, paint on silver shadow underneath the brow and then blend the black and silver together. Next, apply mascara to the lashes, then apply smudged eyeliner to the bottom of the eye. Put on your favorite lip gloss, then enjoy the night.

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