How To: Create a twisted geisha makeup look

Create a twisted geisha makeup look

This video is about how to create a twisted geisha makeup look.

- Step one is to cover your eyebrows and to cover the entire face in white makeup.
- To set the white, apply a white powder.
- Cover the eyelids with white eye shadow.
- Take a light color pink and with a fluffy brush sketch out the shapes you want to have.
- Go in with some bright pink color and go right over the light color you just applied to make it bright.
- For the cheek area, use a hard edge along the hollow of your cheek to make a hard solid line.
- Now use a dark purple around the eyes for some depth.
- Use an orange color a little off center on the lower lid to create a small shape.
- Now use some cream liner to outline some of the shapes you created with the other colors.
- Use false lashes for both the top and bottom.
- Draw on your own brows.
- Draw a rough outline of some dramatic lips and then go over it with some pink. Use purple lip liner.

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