How To: Create a teal blue peacock inspired eye makeup look

Create a teal blue peacock inspired eye makeup look

Peacocks are some of the most gorgeous animals on earth. Their electric blue and green bodies are colorful enough, but their extravagant tail really takes the cake with a fan-like display of long, luscious feathered with eye-like ends that are multicolored.

Take inspiration from these gorgeous birds for your next eye makeup look by checking out this makeup tutorial. A teal blue and electric blue eye are so eye catching and unique.

Make Up Forever aqua cream- 13
Kryolan Cream Liner - lapis lazuli
OCC Loose Colours - Saturate, Slag, & Obscure
Urban Decay- ABC Gum
Sephora glitter liner - Teal
NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil - 918 White Pearl
MAC eye pencil- Indigo

NARS blush - Albatross
MAC blush - Peachtwist

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick - 22
Make Up For Ever Lab Shine star collection gloss- s2

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