How To: Create Taylor Momsen's punk rock black smoky eyes

Create Taylor Momsen's punk rock black smoky eyes

Taylor Momsen has long been criticized for her too dark, too ahead of her years goth/rocker style, though you have to admit the girl's got a really good fashion sense. Though she's only 17, she already knows what looks good on her and what she enjoys wearing, which is a hell of a lot better than wearing what everyone else thinks seventeen year olds should wear.

Check out this video to learn how to create Taylor Momsen's signature matte black smoky eye. The look is super sexy and tough at the same time.

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actually, knowing what looks good on her (being the happy-looking, more modest girl she used to be) and not wearing what she thinks will get her the most attention or "shock" people (gothy Cherie Currie makeup and skanky S&M outfits, etc.) is better.

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