How To: Create a sparkly treasure chest makeup look for Halloween

Create a sparkly treasure chest makeup look for Halloween

We have nothing against pirate costumes, but after seeing the 1,000 one on Halloween the look gets a little tired, yar? Embrace the pirate spirit of plundering without going the trite route of the pirate costume by dressing up as a treasure chest this Halloween.

Of course, we're not talking about making a treasure chest out of cardboard and strapping it to your shoulders. Rather, we're thinking this gorgeous treasure chest makeup look, which you can wear even without a costume.

• Miss.Helen eyeshadow Base.
• MAC Painterly PP
• NYX Jumbo Pencil - Milk.
• MAC Woodwinked e/s
• MAC Bronze e/s
• Any matte black e/s
• MAC Antique Gold Glitter
• MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
• MAXfactor False Lash Effect.

MAC Myth l/s

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