How To: Create a sparkly glam rock look for Halloween

Create a sparkly glam rock look for Halloween

Taylor Momsen, eat your heart out. Become the hottest glam rocker in town by watching this tutorial on how to fashion a faded rock star makeup look. With dramatic inky black liner, sooty shadow, and even black rhinestones, you'll create a look that you definitely won't see on anyone else.

Save the gloriousness for Halloween or an '80s/Boy George themed party. You can tone down the cheeky and extremely dark black brows if you'd like to make the look lighter.
CHANEL Vitalumiere
MAC Studio finish concealer
MAC Blackground Paint pot
MAC Greasepaint stick
YABY palette (US)
LANCOME -Night Strass
SLEEK - Nocturnal Kajal
LANCOME - Hypnose Drama Mascara
MAKE-UP STORE - Pigment in Sight
BEVERLEY KNIGHT lipstick in Blackberr

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