How To: Create a soft and peachy summer coral makeup look

Create a soft and peachy summer coral makeup look

Girls have it tough, especially when it comes to makeup. Although you don't have to wear makeup, it's practically unheard of to have not worn makeup at all. Makeup can be intimidating, almost like you have to be an artist, but it isn't that hard. Makeup could be easy to apply, and still look great. This easy beauty tutorial is based on peachy corals, great for summer and great for warming up the skin tone, whether you are fair, bronzed, blonde or brunette! It can work for everyone!

1. M.A.C. C2 Face and Body Foundation
2. M.A.C Studio concealer
3. M.A.C. NW20 Loose Powder
4. M.A.C. Orb eyeshadow in pale pink
5. SCREENFACE palette, matte coral, shimmery coral, matte pinky bronze and shimmery pink bronze
(all are warm tone colors... which you could get in a quad if you go to any drugstore or pharmacy)
6. Lancome Corail Ardent Lipstick
7. M.A.C. Style Frost Blusher
8. Juicy Tube Chilled Lip gloss

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