How To: Create a smokey black & violet eye makeup look

Create a smokey black & violet eye makeup look

This stunning look is done by xsparkage. It's a mix of black and violet, a real eyecatcher. Watch this makeup tutorial and try it out yourself! Products used:
* Kryolan Aqua Color in Iridescent Black
* MAC Carbon on top of black
* MAC Violet Pigment
* MAC Vellum in inner corner
* Ardel Lashes #111
* MAC Blankety Lipstick
* MAC Love Nectar Lustreglass

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wow! you look awsome! looks grate wiTH your hair =D

what a video, like duh!! nejua dapat kali arx

your eyes are fantastic! plus your eye make-up really suits your hair!!

wow absolutely LOVE this. gonna try this out one day. This is a TOTAL inspiration :)

the look is seriously fierce, but hair wasn't doing it for me

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