How To: Create simple and quick brown smoky eyes

Create simple and quick brown smoky eyes

Every girl needs a "go-to" recipe, as it were, for looking good. For every girl this "go-to" is different: One gal may fall back to a red lip and neutral eyes when she wants to look hot with minimal effort, while another may work some magic with her smudge brush to create the perfect smoky eye.

If you're a smoky eye girl - or just looking for a dramatic everyday makeup look that wears equally well on the streets as at night for a date, then check out this makeup tutorial. You'll learn how to create a simple and quick brown smoky eye.

Clinique Even Better foundation
MAC studio finish concealer
MAC Quite Natural paint pot
Sleek make-up Storm palette
Collection 2000 xxxl mascara
Estee Lauder Stay in place liner in Bronze
MUFE HD powder
MAC Sincere blush
MAC Peachstock lipstick
MAC Wildly lush lipgloss

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