How To: Create a sexy vampire look

Create a sexy vampire look

This video shows the user how to give a woman a 'sexy vampire' look. The video shows this in distinct steps. Step 1: Apply a light but natural foundation to the face and neck, and to the shoulders if a strapless top will be worn. Step 2: Apply large false eyelashes. Step 3: Dark lip pencil with the line outside of the lip. Step 4: Add deep red lipstick. Step 5: Layer on dark, 'almost black' lip gloss. Step 6: Highlight cheek bones with blush applied with an angular brush. Step 7: Shape eyebrows to add extra drama. Step 8: Apply eyeshadow, loose powder in red, brown and blue. Step 9: Add depth with black eyeshadow. Step 10: Apply heavy black eyeliner. Step 11: Intensify eyes with liquid liner. Step 12: Apply black mascara. Step 13: Add trails of blood from mouth. Step 14: Optionally mess up hair to create extra volume.

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