How To: Create a sexy Nina Dobrev inspired gunmetal smokey eye look

Create a sexy Nina Dobrev inspired gunmetal smokey eye look

As part of the trifecta of hotties on "Vampire Diaries" (Damon and Stephen, her two leading men, being the other two) Nina Dobrev wears little to no makeup as her sweet character Elena Gilbert. But she still looks drop dead gorgeous. While we can't exactly steal her good genes, we can learn a little about how Nina emphasizes her features.

For red carpet events Dobrev prefers focusing on her eyes, usually kicking them up a notch with a smokey eye. Check out this makeup tutorial by Lauren Luke to learn how to create a Nina Dobrev inspired gunmetal smokey eye.

The products used are
Loreal anti redness primer green
Bobbi Brown foundation 2.5 warm sand
Clinique powder 02 glow
Stila eye shadow
MAC eye shadow vapour
MAC eye kohl smoulder
Boujois bronzing powder chocky brick
Too faced totally nude lipstick
Models co lipgloss with light pink

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