How To: Create sexy leopard print eyes

Create sexy leopard print eyes

Create sexy leopard print eyes. Fresh Face: Start with what I call a fresh face, which is your clean slate for all of your looks. A fresh face is after you have put concealer and foundation all over the face or only where needed, which ever you prefer. Also groom the eyebrows at this point, if needed, to avoid smudging shadow or liner while trying to groom. Apply a generous amount of loose powder to the eye to catch little stray make-up pieces. Shadow base: Apply a shadow base to give a good foundation for your look. I use MAC paint pots for my bases because they can double as a shadow. In this case, I used the shade Bare Study. Apply your base from the lash line to the brow. Then get your two colors that you would like on your lid. I LOVE PINK so I used pink and purple MAC shadows. Take the pink shadow or lightest shade and apply it from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the lid. Then take the purple or darkest shade and apply from the middle of the lid to the outer corner. Take the excess on your brush or sponge tip applicator and brush it up lightly into the crease. Take a large brush and blend outward to make the shades blend into each other. BLENDING IS KEY to any look. Spots: Then take a liquid liner, preferably with a felt tip, and make little jagged lines that almost create circles but have spaces between. Like this { }. They don't have to be perfect at all. Only do a few in the outer corners and if going for a more over the top look you can make the spots go out to your temple or hairline. The gold in the spots: Apply a shimmery gold shadow or liquid liner inside the dots and you can use brown, pink or any other color. Add mascara or eyeliner to finish the look. I used mascara. Brush off the excess powder under the eye. Then apply a thin layer of finishing powder to the entire face to set it. And Voila!! You have a simply elegant leopard print to go along with an outfit, shoes or whatever you feel.

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