How To: Create a sexy Brigette Bardot inspired daytime cat eye

Create a sexy Brigette Bardot inspired daytime cat eye

Just because you're going to class doesn't mean you have to scale down your makeup. While the general belief is that cat eyes are reserved for night, it's actually super easy to transform your nighttime cat eyes into daytime ones.

Don't believe us? Check out this makeup tutorial to learn how to create subtly sexy liquid-lined cat eyes a la Brigette Bardot. Paired with a glossy nude lip, these eyes put all the focus on your gorgeous peepers.

Estee Lauder Daywear plus moisturiser/tint
Chanel Mat Lumiere
MAC Fairylite pigment
YSL eyebrow pencil in 5
Clinique brush-on gel liner
MUFE Smokey lash
Chanel Bronze
MAC Ladyblush creme blusher
MAC sublime culture and stone pencil

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