How To: Create a sexy and classy everyday makeup look

Create a sexy and classy everyday makeup look

Learn how to create a sexy and classy everyday makeup look. It's flattering and not overly dramatic.

- Use Painterly Paint Pot base all over the lid using your finger. (Don't use too much.)
- Then take a pretty pink color and using a flat brush, pat it all over the base.
- Use come Satin Taupe eye shadow and create a circle in the outer corner and bring it across the eye stopping about halfway. (Make sure you bring it up so you can see it when your eyes are open.)
- Take a color such as Pink Champagne and blend out the Satin Toupe.
- Take a fluffy dome brush and using MAC's vanilla highlight underneath the eyebrow blending the other colors.
- Smudge some black liner at the lower lash line making it thick in the outer corner bringing it thinner as it goes in.
- Take a black pencil and apply it to the water line.
- Curl lashes and apply mascara.
- For blush, use Coralista right to the cheek bone using an angled fluffy brush.

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