How To: Create Salvador Dali's "Mae West Room" makeup look for Halloween

Create Salvador Dali's "Mae West Room" makeup look for Halloween

Salvador Dali was a crazy old man, and we mean that in the most respectful way possible. He was, of course, the artist who painted the back of his wife's head exploding like a nuclear mushroom bomb. Exploding heads aside, he created some groundbreaking, ingenious works of art still heralded today, including the "Mae West Room."

Whether you're an art nerd or simply a lazy butt in need of a cool last minute costume, check out this video to learn how to dress up like a work of art. We can't tell you just how cool this costume is. Mae West's entire face is constructed out of the architecture of a room, with her eyes in gilded picture frames and her mouth a cushion placed in front of the two "works of art," just like in an art museum.

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Can you write instructions on how you created the frames and clock out of index cards? Please :)

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