How To: Create a rocker chick look for concerts

Create a rocker chick look for concerts

Miss Jessica Harlow provides a step-by-step tutorial on makeup application to get a perfect smoky eye inspired by rocker Taylor Momsen.

1. Prime lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Apply all over lids up to brow.
2. Apply Bee Luscious Long Lasting Eyeliner Pencil to upper lash line and smudge with finger upward.
3. Using a crease brush (available from Jessica’s website) apply MAC eyeshadow in €œWedge€ to further blend upward.
4. Apply more Bee Luscious Eyeliner to lower lash line and smudge with pencil brush (available from Jessica’s website).
5. Apply Heartbreak Cosmetics eyeshadow in “Torture” all over lid with Mac 239 brush and blend to desired effect.
6. Apply Heartbreaker Cosmetics eyeshadow in “Champagne Wishes” to inner corners and under brows as a highlight.
7. Line upper lash line with Bee Luscious Eyeliner to intensify look.
8. Line waterline with Bee Luscious Eyeliner.
9. Complete the look by adding a few coats of your favorite mascara.

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