How To: Create a Quick Metallic Smoky Eye Look

Create a Quick Metallic Smoky Eye Look

When you're looking for a glam, 'come hither' look, a metallic smoky eye is a great choice.  Here's a quick guide to do it in less than 3 minutes:

Step 1 Foundation and Primer

Apply your normal foundation and primer.

Step 2 Apply Eyeliner

Add eyeliner on the top and bottom of your eye.

Step 3 Apply Blush and Lip Gloss

Add blush and a nude lip gloss.

Step 4 Prep a Wet Brush

Get a brush a wet and add a little fix for extra moisture.

Step 5 Lighter, Highlighter Eyeshadow

Apply lighter highlighter colors up top.


  • Going from light to dark creates an nice gradual smoky eye.

Step 6 Bronze Eyeshadow

Here we're going for a gold metallic smoky eye, so use some shade of bronze for the second color.

Step 7 Black Eyeshadow

Match the size of your stroke with how bold you want your look to be. The broader the stroke the more bold the look will be. Follow up with a smaller, wet brush to fill in the gaps.

Step 8 Clean Up Mistakes

Correct any mistakes by blending in the makeup with your fingers.

Step 9 Review and Reapply Eyeshadow If Necessary

Add more black eyeshadow if your look isn't as bold as you wanted.

Step 10 Add Pigment

Dot sparkly pigment along the lashline and blend.

Step 11 Add Mascara

Finish by applying 2-3 coats of a thick mascara to your eyelashes.

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