How To: Create a purple dark fairy makeup look for Halloween

Create a purple dark fairy makeup look for Halloween

Fairies tend to get portrayed as nymphy, blond playgirls in popular culture. They're always the good girls who love having a good time. But those are just the good fairies.

Just as there is good and evil (and good people and bad people) there are good and bad fairies. While the good ones are pretty, the bad ones, as you see in this makeup tutorial, are oh so alluring.

Check out this video to learn how to make up your face to look like a mysterious dark fairy for Halloween.

white base NYX jumbo crayon in milk
Black liner-waterline and lips NYX jumbo in black bean
purple from 120 pro palette ebay-eyes and lips
bright purple pigment at end-baddest b by kathy bslap
black gel liner for degin on side of eyes

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