How To: Create a pretty zombie look for Halloween

Create a pretty zombie look for Halloween

Zombies need not be disgusting, rotting undead creatures that only spook and terrify on Halloween. If you want to go as a zombie this year but don't care for the whole rotting skin bit then check out this tutorial for creating a prettier zombie look.

White as death skin, purple cheekbone contour, and sunken black eyes make this look as scary as it is beautiful.

• Mehron Basic Palette - white.
• Loreal True Maych Foundation - C1.
• MAC Push the Edge p/m.
• Any black matte e/s.
• B Slap Cosmetics - #30 Blush.
• MAC Gesso e/s.

• Catrice Stay On! eyeshadowbase.
• MAC Painterly PP.
• NYX Jumbopencil - Milk.
• MAC Beauty Marked e/s.
• MAC Push the Edge p/m.
• MAC Romping e/s.
• MAC Gesso e/s.
• MAXfactor False Lash Effect Mascara.

• Mehron Basic Palette - white.

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