How To: Create a Pixie Lott "Boys and Girls" makeup look

Create a Pixie Lott "Boys and Girls" makeup look

Pixie Lott is an English music artist whose song "Boys and Girls" topped the UK charts in September of 2009. If you want to look like her from the music video, just watch as Princess Pinkcat shows you how to create a Pixie Lott "Boys and Girls" makeup look.

Products used:

NYX Gold Jumbo Pencil
Maybelline Expert Eyes Trio in Golden Treasure
NYX Nude/Taupe/Dark Brown Trio - dark brown only
Prestige Onyx eyeshadow
NYX White Pearl/Silver/Charcoal Trio - silver only
Physician's Formula Virtual Face Powder in Highlight
Black eyeliner pencil
NYX Black eyeshadow
Prestige My Biggest Lashes Mascara

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