How To: Create a perky Barbie Skipper makeup look for Halloween

Create a perky Barbie Skipper makeup look for Halloween

Remember Skipper? She was Barbie's younger sister (we think) and she had her own thing going on with Mattel, with various Rollerblading Skippers and Christmas Skippers at every little girl's disposal to purchase.

She's disappeared over the last couple of years, but she's still super cute and would make a great costume for Halloween if you're going for perky and cute at the same time. Take a look at this makeup tutorial for the how-to.

Products Used:

Revlon color stay foundation
Cover girl Powder
Physicians formula to contour
No.7 petal blush
MUFE star powder Ref No. :90951
the balm may-lou manizer

MAC greasepaint stick in B
MUFE star powder Ref No. :90951
NARS silk road duo
NARS duo
Barbie Loves Stila smudge pot in Purple pumps
Prestige eyeliner
L'oreal liquid liner
Ardell lashes

MUFE Aqua Lips: 16c
MAC lipstick in show orchid
Barbie Love's stila Lipgloss in tickled pink

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