How To: Create a neutral everyday makeup look with lush lashes

Create a neutral everyday makeup look with lush lashes

As a general rule of thumb, when you wear makeup it's not supposed to look like you're really wearing makeup, but simply like you're a more awake and youthful version of yourself. Makeup is there to flatter, not to hide.

That being said, everyday makeup looks should especially emphasize what you already have. Check out this video to learn how to create a neutral everyday look with extra lush lashes.

Too Faced shadow insurance
Urban Decay Naked Palette
NARS blue bayou eyeliner stylo
Maybelline great lash Very Black mascara on top lashes
Maybelline lash stiletto waterproof on bottom lashes

Ardell whispies lashes in black

MAC warm blend mineralize skin finish
MAC dark/natural mineralize skin finish

Stila lip plumping glaze in citrus mint

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