How To: Create a neon green makeup look

Create a neon green makeup look

Are you looking to stand out in the crowd? Why not try this very cool neon green makeup look? This tutorial will take you step by step through everything you need to know to acheive this exciting style. Try this tutorial out and you will definitely get noticed!

Products used in this video:
-Bitch Slap's Brunette Master Brow Quad
-The Body Shops Matte Face Primer
-Bitch Slaps Matte Honey Oil Free Pressed Powder

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-NXY Milk Jumbo Pencil
-Bitch Slap's Neon Green Matte Shadow
-BItch Slap's Black & White Eyeshadow from The Skanky Bitch Palette
-Dark Green from NYX Lake Moss Trio
-Loreal HIP Creme Liner
-Crazy Green Lashes from Walmart

-Bitch Slap's Zebra Bronzer

-NYX Natural Lip Liner
-NYX Creamy Beige Lipstick
-Bitch Slap's Clear Lipgloss

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