How To: Create a mermaid makeup look for Halloween

Create a mermaid makeup look for Halloween

When Halloween approaches, mythical creatures are all the rage with children and adults.The mermaid look requires oceanic colors and other unusual makeup techniques. Learn how to create the mermaid look at home.

1. Start with a clean face. Apply moisturizer evenly all over your face, and use a foundation brush to apply foundation.
2. Using a makeup sponge, apply your skin pigment to the hair line and blend down to produce a natural fade of the color. The color should be strongest along the hairline, from the top of the ear on each side.
3. Carefully apply the sky-blue eyeshadow to the entire lid and blend up to just under the eyebrow. Cover with the turquoise sparkle shadow. Follow up with the turquoise glitter paste on the eyelid only.
4. Apply the silver glitter shadow only on the inside corner of the eyes and just under the crease of the top lid.
5. Using the eyelash glue, attach the sequins and crystals alternately and haphazardly along the temples, and near the eye. Follow up with eyeliner along the bottom of the eye.
6. Blush should be applied next. A light dusting to the apples of the cheeks should suffice. Also, run a mascara wand along the outside lashes to lengthen and separate.
7. Apply a light dusting of all-over sparkle to illuminate your face. To capture the effect properly, dust along the hairline and cheeks.
8. Apply lip liner to the top and bottom of the lips. Using your finger, dab lip balm along your lips to smooth them, and then cover them with lip gloss. Apply the lip gloss in one swipe along the bottom lip only to appear more authentic. Your look is now complete.

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