How To: Create Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" pinup makeup look

Create Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" pinup makeup look

What's so fun - and risque - about Katy Perry is that she makes as big a fashion statement with her clothes on as she does with her clothes off. Recently, the chanteuse has been engaging in lots of photo shoots and music videos in which she's worn little more than her charming smile and a wildly colored blue or purple wig.

While her body is pretty much nude, the singer's sparkly eyes, bold lips, and wicked wigs are sure to be copied this Halloween (we're sure we'll see at least a few gals wearing the whipped cream-shooting bra from "California Gurls").

If you love Katy Perrya as much as we do, check out how to recreate her cover art look for her new single "Teenage Dream." Shimmery blue eyes and glossy pink lips will indeed make you the center of much attention and boy fantasies.

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