How To: Create Halloween gore makeup with household items

Create Halloween gore makeup with household items

Halloween is by far the most fun holiday we have all year. When else can you dress up in crazy costumes, run around the neighborhood and be given candy for it? The key to a great Halloween costume is to make it as scary as possible, and nothing is scarier than bloody flesh wounds. This tutorial will show you how to make these scary lacerations with nothing more than things you probably already have in your kitchen and bathroom. Follow this step by step and you will be winning costume contest every single year!
You Will Need:
*Cotton balls
*Food coloring
*syrup or honey (anything sticky and thick)
*Permanent eyelash glue
*Mixing cup
*Napkins or towels

*Makeup remover, oil or lotion (for afterwards, to remove it)

Note: Make sure you do this in your bathroom or another tiled area - stay away from carpet and wood floors!

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