How To: Create a Great Makeup Look for New Year's Eve

Create a Great Makeup Look for New Year's Eve

Want a great look for New Year's Eve? Then follow these steps to get a dramatic, holiday look to bring on the start of a new year.

Step 1 Clean your face

Always start with a clean face, then moisturize and use a primer to prepare you skin for makeup.

Step 2 Add blush

Blush can be used to contour and bring out your cheekbones. Use a fluffy brush and make sure to really layer on the color.

Step 3 Eyes

Use a deep purple color or other darker shadow on your lower lid. Then use an even darker color, even black, in the crease.

Step 4 Highlight

Use a highlighter just under the brow bone.

Step 5 Line your eyes

Use eyeliner on top and bottom. This would be a good time to try a winged eye look.

Step 6 Brows and Lashes

Fill in your brows and add lots of mascara.

Step 7 Lip Look

Use concealer on your lips and then add back in color with a nude lip gloss.

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