How To: Create great looking eye brows

Create great looking eye brows

Jennisse shows us how you can enhance your natural beauty simply by using your eyebrows. Start by taking some Brow Duo, and a eyebrow makeup brush. The brush should be angled, and stiff. Start by taking just a dab of the makeup, and begin shaping the eyebrow with the darker color, leaving the inner part of the brow alone. Now we take a small bit of the lighter color, and start to shade in the brow, moving towards the arch. Now Follow by taking another dab of the darker color and begin to shape the arch of the brow. Then follow up by shaping the arch with the lighter color, it is recommended by Jennisse make the arch more of a round shape rather than a sharp V. Feather out the brow by using short and light brush strokes. Now we make a highlight using a very thin brush and start to blend the makeup on the brow. Finish up by using a tad of eyebrow mascara and voila, instant gratification!

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