How To: Create a "golden goddess" fashion makeup look

Create a "golden goddess" fashion makeup look

In this video from Logan Salter, he demonstrates how to create a "golden goddess" make-up look. First he massages Lancome moisturizer into his skin. He applies Blistex lip balm to his lips and under his eyes. He uses Studio Tech foundation in a warm tone, applying it with a brush to the apples of his cheeks and over his eyes. He applies concealer to his jawline, around his mouth, and under his eyes. He applies foundation to his whole face with a sponge, then contours under his cheeks with a brush. He primes his eyelids with a cream make-up and then applies amber eye shadow in the crease and outward. He blends the eye shadow and traces around the eye with a pencil, then blends it with his fingers. He applies darker shadow on the outer corners of his eyes for a dramatic affect. He uses golden bronze shimmer dust on his cheeks, then silver shimmer dust above his cheekbones and above his brow bone He continues with dark lip liner and lipstick, and draws an extra line above his eyebrows with a pencil. This drag queen make-up demonstration will help you create a dramatic bronze goddess affect.

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