How To: Create a Georgian Marie Antoinette Halloween makeup look

Create a Georgian Marie Antoinette Halloween makeup look

If you're as sick and tired as we are of slutty girls walking around in hiked-up and whored out versions of Snow White and "angel" costumes on Halloween, then you can fight back by turning to the opposite end of the spectrum. No, we're not telling you to dress up like an Amish girl.

Rather, the makeup tutorial in this video goes for a very pretty, Marie Antoinette inspired look with a pale face, cherry red lips, and minimal eyeshadow. Popular during the Georgian period, this look is conservative and very beautiful.

Make-up was thick and white to cover the lead poisoning and skin corrosion, but here we're opting for a simple pale face instead.

Products used:
*Off-white shadow - Vanilla from MAC
*Soft, shimmery pink shadow - Girlie from MAC
*Hot Pink shadow - Pink from Bloody Mary
*Gold shadow - Juiced from MAC
*Gold pigment - Melon from MAC
*Copper pigment - Copper Sparkle from MAC
*White shimmer shadow - Nylon from MAC
*Lip liner - Eastend Snob from Rimmel
*Lipstick - Impassioned from MAC
*Gold mascara - from Wal* Mart in the Halloween section
*Eyeliner - Black water proof from Maybelline

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