How To: Create a freakshow "Bearded Bettie" makeup look for Halloween

Create a freakshow "Bearded Bettie" makeup look for Halloween

Ready for a freaktastic gender bender? Then check out this this cool makeup tutorial for creating a "Bearded Bettie" makeup look. First she catches you with her sparkly, beautiful blue eyes. Then, with captive interest you peruse lower, only to find...a beard?!

Yes that's right folks, this lady is a stunner in every sense of the word. Put friends to shame with their gender-specific costumes while looking like a super hot mama by creating this makeup look.

Raving Beauty Eyeshadows in Voyage and Carbon
Mac eyeshadow Blanc Type
Mac glitter in Jewelmarine (always use glitter at your own discretion)
Flash lashes
Max Factor Panstick Foundation
BlackUP blush BL01
NYX blush Taupe
Avon Lipliner Wild Berry
Revlon Matte Lipstick Really Red
Flirt Lipgloss Fire and Spice

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