How To: Create four makeup looks from "Clockwork Orange" in three minutes

Create four makeup looks from "Clockwork Orange" in three minutes

"Clockwork Orange," Stanley Kubrick's oddball crime film, features several teenage characters whose intentions are...questionable, to say the least. After all, Alex DeLarge, the main character of the story, sociopathically rapes a few women in his youth, runs around with a gang, and takes drugs.

DeLarge's heavy eyeliner and signature villainous lashes are one of the most memorable images from the movie. To learn how to create four different teenage boy looks from "Clockwork Orange," including that of DeLarge, check out this makeup tutorial.

The makeup the guys wear in the movie (like most movies) is meant to look like they did it themselves, and are capable of doing so without help. It isn't too complex since most teenage boys don't really get into makeup much.

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