How To: Create a flirty Alice in Wonderland makeup look for Halloween

Create a flirty Alice in Wonderland makeup look for Halloween

The story of "Alice in Wonderland" is one of childhood naivete, self exploration, and ultimately growing up. That's why we love the character of Alice so much - she's equal parts child and adult, fighting to find her own in an adult world filled with hypocrisy and craziness.

Dress up as one of the most endearing literary characters this Halloween by checking out this Alice in Wonderland makeup tutorial. Everything about this look is sweet, from the bubblegum pink lips to the batty eyelashes.

Sea Pure from H20+ moisturizer
skin food bb cream 1
Sigma brushes -ss190,ss150,ss224,ss168
Rimmel stay matte translucent powder
MAC blush - tippy
ELF shadow brush
napolean perdis concealer -amber
Coastal scents shimmer shadow and blush pallete-pearl white ,copper-bronze brown ,bright purple, peach color
Maybelline soft and full waterproof mascara
revlon colorstayliquid eyeliner -blackest black
rimmel khol pencil-pure white
DUO adhesive -dark
Bliss 48
ELF natural lashes
wig cap
long 20" blong wig with side bangs
estee lauder lip stick-candy
estee lauder lipgloss-rose

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