How To: Create Fergie's "Meet Me Halfway" eyes & makeup look

Create Fergie's "Meet Me Halfway" eyes & makeup look

In order to create Fergie's look in "Meet Me Halfway" (both the eyes and the makeup), you will need the following: an eyebrow stencil, eye shadow primer, nude bone color, a frosty champagne color, a warm and neutral brown color, nude matte color, brown eyeliner, mascara, concealer, foundation, lip liner, lipstick, and false eyelashes. If your eyebrows aren't full, then you will need to use a stencil to give them a fuller look. Next, apply your eye makeup primer. Place a little nude bone color and your eyes, new the brow. Give the eyes a dusting with a frosty champagne color. Next, add a neutral warm brown to the base of the eye. Make it warmer at the edges. Apply a nude matte color to the entire eyelid. Line your upper and lower lid with an eyeliner. Blend the eye well. Seal it with powdered shadow. Apply false eyelashes. Apply mascara. Apply concealer and foundation to your face. Dust on a naked finish. Use a cotton candy blush. Line your lips with a liner and apply lip color.

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