How To: Create "fairy eyes" using silver eyeshadows

Create "fairy eyes" using silver eyeshadows

Create amazing fairy eyes using silver eyeshadow in easy steps! Start with a base all over your lid and eye area. Now add a little to your lower lash line. You will then apply a highlight with brush to your brow bone With a new smaller brush use a light shimmery silver to apply to the inner part of your eyelid. Apply about 1/3 of the way in. Apply a light lavender color to the rest of your eyelid. Using a darker purple apply to the outer corner of your lid, also pulling it into the crease area to blend it a little. With a blending brush add a grayish color to your crease. Now use a pencil brush for your lower lash line, with the same color as your inner eyelid and add it to the first inner half. With the same brush use your darker purple again and add it to the rest of your lower lash line Now to line your upper eyelashes and water line, use a tapered eyeliner brush with black. For a more dramatic look you can apply false eyelashes. Now apply a mascara base and then add regular mascara, this will blend your false and real lashes. It seems simple enough! You are now complete with flawless beautiful silvery "fairy eyes"!

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