How To: Create an exposed teeth makeup look for Halloween

Create an exposed teeth makeup look for Halloween

This video is a step by step guide for creating exposed teeth makeup . This is loosely based on the Harvey Dent character from Batman: the Dark Knight.

* Begin with etching out the shape you want with a darker colored lip liner.
* Next you take spirit gum, which is available any place who sell theatrical styled make-up or costumes. Fill in the area that you have outlined. The gum allows a little extra security for the fake skin to hang onto.
* Apply a thin layer of the fake skin above spirit gum. Fake skin is known as different names including scar wax or morticians wax.
* Next take a spatula and draw a line on the fake skin where the teeth will be.
* Using a brush take the pink crylon aqua color and completely cover the fake skin. Repeat with a red color.
* To create the teeth, first get some fake press on nails. Then using a pair of nail clippers and a file, clip and file the nails to get the shape of the teeth. Put a little bit of lash adhesive on each nail and position into the putty on your face to get them attached.
* The muscles are made from puff paint. Make lines and different shapes on a sheet protector and allow to dry. Using some adhesive place them on the putty.
* Using a brush take black eye shadow and do light shading around the teeth.
* Take the fake skin and put a thick layer around the edges. This will give the effect of the flesh being ripped off the area. You can use a concealer to blend in the fake skin with your natural skin color.
* Mix some red pigment and a bit of blue with some petroleum jelly. Using a flat applicator put it on the inside of the open wound.

Create this scary look for lots of Halloween fun!

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