How To: Create an everyday smoky brown eye look

Create an everyday smoky brown eye look

In this how to video learn how you can achieve a smokey brown eyeshadow look for everyday wear. This makeup tutorial uses the following products:
-Urban Decay primer potion
-MAC "Satin Taupe" eye shadow
-Milani "Java Bean" eye shadow
-MAC "Chocolate Brown" pigment
-MAC "Nylon" eye shadow
-Collection 2000 "Brown" eye liner
-Boots 17 "Damson Wine" blusher

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Glad to hear everyone was safe after the Quake.. but I wanted to let you know I found your How to very helpful! I have just purchased some mineral make up but even being 30 feel like I'm clueless as to how to put on make up correctly.. as I don't wear much of it anyway... I am about to be married and I want to learn so that I can look even more beautiful for my Groom

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