How To: Create the Elvira "Mistress of the Dark" makeup look

Create the Elvira "Mistress of the Dark" makeup look

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, was created in 1981 by Cassandra Peterson. She was the hostess of a local Hollywood horror movie show that became nationally syndicated. Elvira was the first horror host to be nationally syndicated, first person to be broadcast in 3-D on TV, and first female celebrity to do a national beer campaign and market her own beer.
1. Find a long, black dress with a plunging neckline. The sleeves and hemline should have jagged edges. It should have a long split up the side of the dress to show off one leg. Put on sheer, black stockings, black high-heeled shoes and a belt with a dagger.
2. Use pale porcelain foundation cream. It stays on longer and is easier to apply.
3. Attach false eyelashes and use pale lavender eye shadow from the lash line to the eyebrows.
4. Apply the eyeliner generously. Use a black eyeliner pencil to start in the inside corner of the eye, cover the lid and expand to the outer corner. Repeat on the lower eye area.
5. Apply a wine shade of eye shadow on the inner corners of the eye and below the eyeliner on the bottom lid. White eyeliner is used to fill in below the inner corners of the eye. Blend colors with a foam wedge. Use two coats of black mascara on the top lashes and one coat on the bottom lashes.
6. Use a powder or blush stick with a deep rose blush on the cheeks. Keep the blush toward the lower part of the cheek. Apply a translucent face powder with a large brush. For the lips, use a deep red lipstick and lip liner. Apply the lip liner and then the lipstick. With black eyeliner, make a beauty mark near your eye. Add false black nails or nail polish and the makeup is complete.
7. Purchase a long black wig and tease up the top in Elvira style. Big hair is important to the Elvira costume. Spray the wig with a lot of hair spray to help it hold through the evening.

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