How To: Create an edgy, sparkly acid-green eye makeup look

Create an edgy, sparkly acid-green eye makeup look

We know that "acid green" is not exactly a delightful color when it comes to most things. If your two month-old orange is acid green, it's probably pure mold, and if a bottle is full of acid green liquid, it's most likely poison (or, okay, soda). But you get our point.

Luckily, acid green makeup is all kinds of awesome. Check out this video to learn how to create an acid green sparkly eye makeup look.

MAC: Paint Pot- Painterly
MAC 224 Brush
MAC 239 Brush
Sugar Pill Cosmetics- Tipsy
Sugar Pill Cosmetics- Darling
Sugar Pill Cosmetics- Magpie
MAC- Liquid Liner
Jessie's Girl Cosmetics- Black Pencil (For lower waterline)
MAC: Aquavert
MAC 219 Brush
Jessie's Girl Cosmetics: Wicked
False Lashes
Tarte Lipstick- Paradise
MAC: The Perfect Cheek Blush

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