How To: Create an easy, hippie inspired Halloween makeup look

Create an easy, hippie inspired Halloween makeup look

Make-up Geek TV shows how easy it is to create a great hippie inspired look for Halloween. This look is cheap, easy and quick to get.

* Use some primer lotion if necessary, then apply the make up to your eye brows first with an angled brush. Be sure to use a shadow without shimmer.
* Next apply your make up to the lid.
* Use Nicks Ultra pearl mania and sweep that over the base of your eyes. Next use a highlight color to blend in between the color on eyes and the eye brow.
* Optionally you can crimp and volumeize the lashes.
* Try to keep the cheeks natural, but give enough look to flesh out any pictures.
* Keep your lips pink and frosty to match the popular colors from the 60's.
* Get your hippie accessories together, like a wig and earrings, and your new look is complete.

Create this quick and easy look for your Halloween party. Your friends will think you traveled back in time.

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